Wilson Wisdom

“If you are not happy on your way there, you are not going to be when you get there.”

—Wilson Kubwayo


Wilson Kubwayo is the perfect choice for all audiences.

Wilson Wisdom

“The world will not always provide you with cream and sugar for your coffee, sometimes you will have to drink it black.”

—Wilson Kubwayo

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Wilson Kubwayo will inspire your audience with his story and philosophy.

Wilson Wisdom

“Our dreams and aspirations are defined by the effort we put in to achieve them.”

—Wilson Kubwayo

Wilson Inspiration

“Life without vision is like walking into the darkness without a light.”

—Wilson Kubwayo

Wilson Kubwayo has served many clients including:

Inspirational Speaker

Wilson Kubwayo works with organizations that want to live life to their fullest potential. Have you ever heard of a “Mind Virus?” Wilson Kubwayo defines it as “a negative way of thinking based on the experience or circumstances that has taken place in one’s life. In his heart touching presentation called “Climbing the Walls of Greatness,” Wilson shares how he overcame his mind virus regarding his thoughts on how had he been born under different circumstances he would have had done good things and did more things correctly. Growing up in extreme poverty, and having to spend 10 years living in the refugee camp, Wilson will teach you how to Climb the Wall of Greatness.


Wilson has experience in writing research articles, personal development blogs, and poetry writing. He has a special focus on leadership, education and personal development. Wilson’s articles have been published by The Argus Leader in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; TheRefugeeCenter.org; Saint Mary’s University Student newspaper in Minnesota; and The Metropolitan Newspaper in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We welcome you to get in touch with us if you would like Wilson to write an article that is geared to the specific needs of your organization.

Poetry Artist

Wilson’s poems speak the reality of what he has experienced, Wilson’s poems have a special focus on social justice and change.

In his presentations, Wilson includes a poem or two to get his point across. His poems are nurturing, inspiring, and empowering and they will speak to you. Are you interested in having Wilson perform at your next event or do a poetry workshop at your school?

“I attended Wilson Kubwayo’s presentation at the NAEA Conference in Ponte Vedra, Florida. I was very moved by his compassion and commitment. His inspiring story of resilience, persistence and hope. I left the room feeling not only proud to know of him, but also inspired that I too could overcome any obstacles that got between me and my goals!”

George E. Miller II

Child Advocacy Artist, Florida

“I had the opportunity to hear Wilson speak before a corporate audience in Sioux Falls. He was engaging, interesting, and inspiring. I look forward to hearing what he has to say next.”

Steve Parker

Healthcare Executive, Storyteller, Austin, Texas

“Wilson engages audiences with an energy and optimism that is infectious. His story is about choosing happiness in spite of great adversity. But his even bigger impact is his ability to listen, challenge and relate.”

Toby Kane

GOTO Communications, Writer/Speaker/Marketer, Sioux Falls

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“Wilson’s speech is interesting, sincere, and eye-opening.”

Karen DeLange

Sioux Falls Rotary Club, South Dakota

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