“Wilson, brings an energetic, positive message that challenges the students to be the best they can be. He talks about how he changed his mindset and how to exit the negative behaviors and actions students may be involved in so they may maximize their future. We have had great feedback from our students and have spoken to over 1,000 students all with high remarks and surveys. He is a great motivator and the message he brings is challenging yet reciprocated in a great way.”

Rachel Haigh-Blume

Education Director, South Dakota Farmers Union

Wilson’s message restores my belief in miracles. His encouragement of my decision-making power makes me believe there’s a miracle in me, too.

D. Scott Muirhead

Lyman School

“I attended Wilson Kubwayo’s presentation at the NAEA Conference in Ponte Vedra, Florida. I was very moved by his compassion and commitment. His inspiring story of resilience, persistence and hope. I left the room feeling not only proud to know of him, but also inspired that I too could overcome any obstacles that got between me and my goals!”

George E. Miller II

Child Advocacy Artist, Florida

“I had the opportunity to hear Wilson speak before a corporate audience in Sioux Falls. He was engaging, interesting, and inspiring. I look forward to hearing what he has to say next.”

Steve Parker

Healthcare Executive, Storyteller, Austin, Texas

“Wilson engages audiences with an energy and optimism that is infectious. His story is about choosing happiness in spite of great adversity. But his even bigger impact is his ability to listen, challenge and relate.”

Toby Kane

GOTO Communications, Writer/Speaker/Marketer, Sioux Falls

“Wilson’s speech is interesting, sincere, and eye-opening.”

Karen DeLange

Sioux Falls Rotary Club, South Dakota

“It was so meaningful to have Wilson as our keynote! 👏 He informed, inspired and entertained our conference attendees! Job well done!”

Laura Smith-Hill

Lutheran Social Services of SD Center for New Americans

“Thank you for coming to Miller Junior High and High School. Both sessions were great! Our students listened and were engaged. I heard many positive comments from staff and students after the assemblies.”

Steve Schumacher, Miller Junior High & High School Principal, Miller, South Dakota

“My mom told me you went to the school she works at (Patrick Henry). She wanted me to tell you that you inspired the blind girl that she works with to believe in the impossible. She is now currently trying to learn how to jump rope by listening to when the rope is clicking to the ground. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all the kids at different middle schools it truly impacts us.”

Student, Patrick Henry Memorial Middle School student, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Today you came to my school in Wolsey at the Wolsey Wessington School District. It was an honor getting to hear your story and what you have been through. You have inspired me to help others and to become a better person. Thank you for coming to share your life story and better educate us kids on what we can do to achieve greatness in our life.”

Student, Wolsey Wessington School District, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Love your talks…you inspired me to change my life. You turned me away from evil and I thank God every day.”

Memorial Middle School student, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Being honest man, your speech wasn’t good…it was freakin’ LEGENDARY. Awesome job!”

Conference attendee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Our 11th and 12th grade students were thankful to have had the chance to hear Wilson Kubwayo speak.  They were quiet and attentive, enjoying his accent, and listening intently to his every word.  His early life experiences were so different from their own.  Along with the students, I was drawn into learning how this young man was able to turn his life around.  His focus on the value in every person and appreciation for the support of those around us was right on target.  His message of getting involved to improve not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us was one we all need to hear – a great reminder of the need to evaluate what is truly important!  Thank you Wilson; keep sharing your story!”

Marcia Schuldt, Teacher at White Lake High School, White Lake, South Dakota

“Hey I was at the Sioux Falls Storm football game tonight. Good job on your speech! I liked it and all of your speeches!”

Night of Hope and Care Attendee, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Wow!!!  Your speech today at PHMS was FANTASTIC!!!  Thank you for a moving, sincere, and passionate message to motivate us all to be the best version of ourselves. Your have inspired both staff and students!   I have some thank you cards from students, and am wondering where I should send these?  THANKS, again!!  YOU ROCK!!”

Lisa Peterson, Teacher, Patrick Henry Middle School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Wilson, Thanks for sharing your message with the 8th graders at PHMS today.  It is an inspiration that you are able to use your story to motivate students. Hopefully some of them will follow in your footsteps and choose the mindset that they alone control the destiny they want to create for themselves. Not only did you share a positive message through your personal story, but you provided examples of things that students can choose to do that will guide them on their path to self improvement. You capitivated the audience with your energy, humor, and your honesty. Keep doing great things! Thanks again.”

Jared Baumann, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Patrick Henry Middle School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Hi! You visited my school a while ago at Harvey Dunn elementary, and I just want to take a moment to tell you how inspirational you are! After your speech I felt like NOTHING could stop me!  And some times when I said I was “STARVING” I always would stop and take a moment to go through in my head and think of all the little kids around the world that don’t have ANYTHING to eat! Thank you!” ?

Harvey Dunn Elementary student, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“I am so grateful I was there to hear you speak. I think about the things you said daily, and I wish I had your script in my hands to read again and again! How blessed you are with the ability to speak to people’s hearts.”

Cara Pliska, Sioux Falls School District teacher, Eugene Field A+ Elementary

“I wish to say thank you for sharing your incredible story and your wonderful insights at our recent fundraising event for Hope Ministries. Your story and communications skills provided for us a terrific message of love, perseverance, compassion and motivation.  You enhanced our desire to continue our mission and to do so with greater excellence and vigor. You were a gift to us. I pray for you and the message you so eloquently share. Thanks again – your new friend.”

Bill Van Dyke, Hope Board Member, Sioux City, Iowa

“You inspire me so much, I’m so glad you came to Memorial to present, you are the best motivator I’ve ever heard, I don’t get inspired a lot! You have made me the person I’m going to live up to today. A strong independent girl who has way more to live for. Thank you I will never forget you!!!”

Memorial Middle School student, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“I wanted to tell you when you came to George McGovern Middle School, it gave me faith that I can do anything. I wanted to tell you that you inspire me with what you say. I believe now that I can do anything, thank you for helping me believe.”

George McGovern Middle School student, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Thank you for your My Voice column in the Argus. It was just what I needed to hear at just the right time!!! I appreciate the motivating and encouraging words! Thank you.”

Jennifer Kirby

“Thank you for the inspirational speech you did at Patrick Henry Middle School today. My son came home and had wonderful things to say about you. He also said he has a new appreciation for how fortunate he is in his life. Keep doing what you are doing. Making an impression in such a short period says a lot about you and your speaking.”

Tara, mother of Patrick Henry Middle School student, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Wilson Kubwayo, I gotta say, man, you said some pretty awesome things during your Augustana talk, and let me tell you, you made me think, and that’s a very good thing.  Making me re-evaluate my thought process and my goals and how to make them happen.  You made me think, so you did your job.   🙂   You rock!” 

Chael Tygr Decarain, Augustana University, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Thank you so much for coming to our school Wilson. And I say that with all my heart. You are a true inspiration to all of us and your presentation wasn’t just good it was amazing!! What I loved most was that you actually interacted with the crowd, you made songs, you got us on our feet, and you stayed afterwords to give hugs and high fives. I have already changed so much! I have started getting more sleep, I’ve been studying harder, and I don’t have a single grade lower than 100%!!  So I just wanted to say thank you so very much for coming to our school and we all miss you and want you to come back soon!”

Student, Memorial Middle School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Unbelievably inspiring!”

Employee, Sioux Falls School District, South Dakota

“Middle School Teachers: Mr. Kubwayo gives a positive, empowering, and AUTHENTIC message to developing adolescents. He is an absolute NECESSITY for this age group.”

Stefanie Morseth, 7/8 Global Studies Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minnesota

“I attended Wilson Kubwayo’s presentation at the NAEA Conference in Ponte Vedra, Florida. I was very moved by his compassion and commitment. His inspiring story of resilience, persistence and hope. I left the room feeling not only proud to know of him, but also inspired that I too could overcome any obstacles that got between me and my goals!” 

Child Advocacy Artist, George E. Miller II, Florida

“Thanks very much, you should come back every year. You are very inspiring and you really changed my thoughts today on some things in life!”

Kyle, High School Student
Winona Senior High School, Winona, Minnesota

“Interesting, sincere, and eye-opening.”

Karen DeLange
Sioux Falls Rotary Club, South Dakota

“I’m always inspired by your story, life, and presentation. My students are in “AWE” each time they hear you. I was very pleased to have met you at the Saint Cloud NAACP Annual Dinner. You are a God Send with helping anyone especially youths “connect the Dots.” President Obama need to hold a special session at the White House featuring your presentation. I’m inspired!”

Mamie Singleton
The Youth Initiative Mentoring Academies (Aviation)
Sgt. Ret. Saint Paul Police, Minnesota

“I was privileged to listen to Wilson Kubwayo speak to the Learning Club of Winona, Minnesota. He developed his message in a well-paced and steady manner that held my attention and which I found moving and personally helpful. I am grateful to him for sharing his personal story of transformation and commitment which I think people of all ages, races and conditions can benefit from.”

Richard K. Dahl
Learning Club Secretary, Minnesota

“Wilson speaks from an experience that the majority of us will never know or understand.  He speaks with strong conviction.”

Carl Tonjes
President of ComPro Inc., South Dakota

“Wilson, for now I know English but I’m just a beginner. I’ve read all of your words and I’ve understood some of them. I’ve seen how your inspiration is the most important for a person who reads your words. You make me believe that one day my dream will be a success.” 

Jean Ndayishimiye aka. Ryango
High School Student, Burundi

“His words are inspirational, just as his life has been transformational.”

Judi Becker
MA Education, English/TESOL Masters Candidate, Minnesota


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