Wilson Kubwayo’s radio talk show podcast, “Climbing the Walls of Greatness”, focuses on personal developmentent, education and leadership.

If you want to take your life to the next level or are looking for inspiration and motivation to exercise your thinking, implement your ideas, and execute your goals, this highly-valued talk show hosted by Wilson Kubwayo will nurture, inspire and empower you to live life to its fullest potential.


Episode #50: Laster Malibbe & Entrepreneurship

Laster Malibbe talks about going to Africa, entrepreneurship.

Episode #49: The 90 Percent Rule

The 90 percent rule says that 90 percent of your success will come from your connection and only 10 percent of it will amount to your efforts. 90 percent of everything that you will ever earn, learn, make, and achieve will come from your network with only 10 percent of your success is actual effort.

Episode #48: Where Do You Stand? | New Year 2018

Where do you stand as we approach 2018? What are your goals? It is not so much about the things we did or did not do that matters the most, what matters is how we do them. What side hustle can you start this year and how do you want to appear in 2018?

Episode #47: Discovering Your Worth | Picasso & The Woman

Some people know what they want but they do not know how to get it. Some people do not know what they are worth and as such do not value their experiences or skills. As a result, they end up being in a situation that they do not like. This episode teaches how to discover your worth. You will find the stories in this talk relatable and very easy to understand.

Episode #46: How to Rediscover Your Passion

Have you ever felt low and wanted to get out of your shell? Worry no longer, we have the cure! This talk gives four things to implement and rediscover yourself.

Episode #45: What Must Be Done In Libya

Slave Trade in Libya is real. Why is this happening? This episode features my thoughts and outlook on the slave trade in Libya

Episode #44: Instant Gratification vs Delayed Gratification

Discover the difference between instant and delayed gratification.

Episode #43: You Matter (This will change how you think about yourself)

This episode talks about how each individual matters. You matter. It also talks about Aristotle and his analogy about why we end up where we are in our lives. This episode will change how you think about yourself and to see why most of us end up where we end up in lives. But the call to action is on you to change and it is possible to start today!

Episode #42: ACTION Fundraiser | American Cancer Society

Your money helps the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking breast cancer research, provide free information and support, help prevent breast cancer by finding it early when it’s easier to treat. When you donate, you help save lives.

The ACTION Project is a great way to raise awareness on global issues. This millennial-led movement is a great way to bring young people’s involvement to the world’s utmost issues. Wilson Kubwayo plans to host an ACTION Fundraiser once a year for those in need.

Episode #41: 5 Ways to Take Control of Your Life

How can you be in control of your life? Zahra shares her perspective and why you should be the captain of your soul.
  1. Know what it is you want (vision)
  2. Make a decision
  3. Write down everything you want
  4. Develop a new habit
  5. Go out and take action to communicate it. If you don’t communicate it, it cannot be executed.

Episode #40: START! 5 Strategies to Success

In this episode, Wilson Kubwayo gives you five strategies to success. Success is impossible if you fail to try. Learn how you can get started with your goals and never be the same again.

Episode #39: The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is something that people typically don’t talk about, but the law of attraction can change your life if you are aware of it. You attract what you think. What you put in is what will come out. Learn more about the law of attraction and change your life forever.

Episode #38: You’ve Got to Climb that Wall

Climbing the Walls of Greatness means you have to think outside the box and climb that wall. Imagine having a broken key—it is useless because you cannot use it to open the lock. Therefore, you have to find a way to climb over the gate to reach your destination. That is what it means to Climb the Walls of Greatness!

Episode #37: Personal Selling & Relationship Selling

How can you use personal selling to better your life and accomplish your personal or business goals? You will learn all about this in this podcast.

Episode #36: Embrace Your Differentiated Self

Embrace your differentiated self no matter what! Most of us try so hard to fit in with the rest of the groups that we admire. But we refuse to look deeper into ourselves and the assets we behold. As a new refugee kid in America, I fell into that trap. It does not have to go that way. You can embrace who you are and people will celebrate with you.

Episode #35: Everybody is Lit on Social Media

You are accomplishing your dream on social media but you forget to update them in reality! In this episode, Wilson gives three tips you can use to stay on track and achieve your goals. Focus, commit and lead. Your actions are an investment of your future status. Finally, network along the way because it is the only way you get to eat on other people’s table.

Episode #34: Becky’s Way, 5 Job Hunting Tips for Recent College Grads

This episode is for recent college graduates who are looking for opportunities to jump start their next chapter. In this episode, Wilson shares five tips recent college graduates should use in order to get to where they want to go in life. Becky’s story will inspire you. Becky went from a valet parking job at a hospital to working in their corporate office. Your degree matters but it’s all about your work ethic! Tune in right now and receive the five tips to help you get going in life.

Episode #33: 7 Laws of Success for Refugees & Immigrants

I have put together seven laws of success that can be used by anyone. These laws are focused on refugees and immigrants living in America.

For instance, #1: Do not make every problem your problem. This means you do not have to solve every problem your distant cousin faces somewhere in Burundi. Listen to learn the rest.

Episode #32: Ryan’s Well Story

We can learn a lot from Ryan Hreljac’s story. Ryan’s well is an empowering story of a 6-year-old who set out to solve the world’s water problem and found that it’s deeper than he could ever begin to imagine. He didn’t quit, his work began. In this episode, we are going to focus on our internal drive: what’s your why?

Episode #31: The Two Drops of Oil

“The Secret of Happiness lies in looking at all the wonders of the world and never forgetting the two drops of oil in the spoon.”
From “Alchemist” —Paulo Coelho

Episode #30: King Midas and His Magic Touch

King Midas had a wish that everything he touched turned into gold. His wish was granted and he became disappointed because when he hugged his daughter, she turned into a golden statue. It was then when King Midas realized that true happiness is not found in material things.

Episode #29: Know Your SWAG

Know Your SWAG: Strengths, Weaknesses, Abilities and Goals
From this talk, you will learn how to win at life and stay focused.

Episode #28: Get Rid of Bad Habits

When you want to get rid of a bad habit you have to find something better with which to replace it. Otherwise, you will find you’re going back to your old way of living. Getting rid of bad habits is not an easy task. But it’s definitely not impossible. In this podcast, you’ll learn the foundation of getting rid of your bad habits.

Episode #27: Productivity vs Leisure

You have to learn to master the small stuff. Productivity is about being proactive in your craft. Leisure is taking a break from your daily work or activities. Leisure is a reward you give yourself after being productive. What’s really wrong is that you might not be disciplined enough. You’re thinking that you’re multitasking but what you really are doing is multi-lying to yourself. Discipline starts with knowing the difference between productivity and leisure.

Episode #26: What is Success for You?

What is success and how can it be attained? Success is different for different people. Your definition of success might be different from someone else. Seek to know what success really is for you before you lose yourself.

Episode #25: My Recipe to Being Unstoppable

I’m 100% made out of love
That means I’m 0% luck
Which means I’m second to none
I’m 20% resilient
30% determined
50% responsible
Do me a favor, don’t share my recipe.

Episode #24: Four Qualities of a Leader

Your dream is not beyond nor beneath you. It is right by you. When you are tired and weak, you should remember this: “where there is a will, there is a way.” Discover four qualities of a leader and lead on!

Episode #23: Until Death Do Us Part

The world keeps moving. The game is not over until it is over. Learn how to fight for what you deserve and keep your seat! This episode will teach you how to jump and take on bigger steps to discovering your true potential.


Episode #22: New Year, New You!

Success is not something you pursue for a specific time period. Success is a lifestyle. A garden needs a gardener. A goal needs a goal-getter. In the new year of 2011, Wilson made up his mind to change and he accomplished his goals. In this episode, Wilson shares five things you must do to tackle any goal and attract success.”


Episode #21: Born Again

The best way to obtain this love is to be born again. “How can someone be born when they are old? Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!” (NIV John 3: 4). A man and scholar named Nicodemus asked this question. How can you be born again and follow your dream?


Episode #20: Speak Faster My Ears Are Itching

I get told more no than yes. I wish I could show you. I wish there was a way to communicate that better. But the truth is, my eyes glitter when I am told no. My mind itches when I am told no. My smile flourishes when I am told no. Why? Because you’re doubting me! Therefore, I go back and put in more work. Next thing you know, I’m back knocking at your door asking you to rate me just one more time. Find out how to make “NO” your vitamin!

Episode #19: For All It’s Worth

What’s your dream worth? This is a very easy question but difficult to answer. Your dream is very expensive because you cannot simply put a price on it. Why? Because your dream is all you are worth and you do not measure your abilities, passion and calling by money or any material thing. You must give all it’s worth to make your dream become a reality.

Episode #18: Thanksgiving

The Chinese proverb says it best saying, “I was once angry at God because I did not have shoes, but then I met a person with no feet.” At times, we fail to realize how much we have. You cannot know where you are going unless you know where you have been. Discover how giving thanks can boost your productivity and create a new path to greatness!

Episode #17: Focus

You cannot eat an elephant in one bite! What is the secret to eating an elephant? Chap it up into smaller pieces and you will eat the whole elephant. Do you find it difficult to focus? Would you like to learn about consistency? This talk is for you.

Episode #16: Renegotiate Your Dream 

Noah did not build the ark when it was raining. In this episode, you will learn how to best prepare for the year of 2017 while grinding to finish the year of 2016. Learn how to be LOUD to the point where you can no longer be ignored!

Episode #15: Why is Education Important?

Education is embracing. Education is dying to ignorance and being born to awareness. Education is not about sitting in the school chair. Education is about the information you fuel your mind. Learn how you can build character through education.


Episode #14: How to Network Like a Pro

Have you ever heard the quote “Your network determines your networth?”
In this episode you will earn how to network like a professional and attack your dreams and goals with your new established relationships.

Episode #13: Discover Your True Self

The secret I am about to reveal to you has enabled me to “take students’ attendance when I used to skip classes.” I was asked by a high school principal. The drive you have and passion you carry, “Is it possible for other students to have the same kind of drive or is it a gift that you have to be born with?” Do you think other students can get the same kind of drive, and how?

Episode #12: How to Succeed As a Buyer

You do not have to be a producer to be successful. As long as you know how to buy things that are of redeemable value, one can become successful. Do you like shopping and buying things? Find out how you can turn your passion into fashion.

Episode #11: Immigrants and Our Duty

Advice and ideas from a successful immigrant: the responsibility of refugees and immigrants is to work towards becoming the best version of themselves. Unity and communication is important and refugees and immigrants are missing just that. What do we do? Listen and learn.


Episode #10: Entreprenuesrhip 101

Do you have a passion to work for yourself? Do you have a passion to start a side hustle that will generate a side income other than from your job? Maybe you have a passion to start an organization of your dream. This episode provides you the foundation of entrepreneurship.


Episode #9: Raise Your Standards

The number one secret to success is changing your standards. Your standards will open doors that you never knew existed. You just have to raise your standards in the right way. In this episode, I share with you how to raise your standards and build a window of opportunities.


Episode #8: MMX Theory

Have you ever found yourself stuck with no sense of direction? You want to make a move in your life but you do not know how to start. MMX theory which stands for minimize, maximize, and exit is perfect for an organization or a person who is having difficult time to adjust to what they envision. Listen and learn.


Episode #7: Mastermind Group

Do you belong to a mastermind group? If not, why? A mastermind group is team of individuals who share the same passion as you and will give you feedback in whatever you present to the group. Find out how to belong to one or start a mastermind group of your own.


Episode #6: Three Kinds of Friendships

What Wilson shares with you in this podcast is interesting, sincere and eye-opening. After listening to this show, you will be aware of what kind of friends you have and take control of your emotional destiny.


Episode #5: MUFASA theory

Have you ever heard of the MUFASA theory? In this podcast, Wilson reveals a theory that can turn your life around. This theory is based on character and leadership. How can you truly Climb the Walls of Greatness? This podcast shows you how.


Episode #4: Side Hustle

Want to turn your passion into a fashion? In this show, Wilson helps you brainstorm what you can do as a side hustle to generate some income aside from your regular work. If you are into business and entrepreneurship, then this is your show!


Episode #3: Straight Talk

You should not miss this episode! Wilson gets more personal than ever. He shares his best secret to unlocking your fullest potential by revealing his THREE Steps of Climbing the Walls of Greatness!


Episode #2: Three Abilities

In this episode, Wilson talks about the three stages of abilities that run your life. The ability to learn, ability to perform, and the ability to feel emotions. Discover more about these abilities by listening to this podcast.

Episode #1: Climbing the Walls of Greatness

In his introductory episode of the Climbing the Walls of Greatness talk show, Wilson explains what his show is all about, “character development.” He also gives out a rough draft of topics to be discussed. Want to learn more about these topics? Worry no longer!

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