The Speeches

Climbing the Walls of Greatness

  • Learn the definition of a “mind virus” and how to remove this poisonous way of thinking by replacing it with character
  • Implement three simple steps that can be utilized anytime, anywhere, to build character and leadership skills
  • Learn three things you do almost every day that could be game changers in your life or organization if utilized the right way
  • Become self-motivated to achieve goals and produce bigger results


Unleash Your MUFASA Within

  • Overcome adversity
  • Discover who you are and unlock your true potential
  • Learn the three kinds of friendships and take control of your emotional destiny
  • Avoid negative influences and make the rest of your life the best of your life


How Wilson Made it to America

  • Develop a better understanding of how refugees come to America and who arrives
  • Overcome obstacles by using learned lessons from Wilson’s experience of coming to America
  • Learn how Wilson battled many difficulties as a child and faced many challenges yet through hope, caring and love, Wilson rose up and made himself who he is today



Types of Speaking Clients


Wilson Kubwayo has spoken for a number of organizations including Corporate companies such as Avera Health care company and GoldenLivingCenters.

Topics include: (Organizations/Corporate)

  • Balancing Life While Reaching New Heights: prioritization, time management, and goal setting.
  • How Wilson Got to America: Personal life stories of perseverance, resiliency, struggles, and hope.
  • Social Justice: poverty, environmental rights (racism), access to health care, access to education
  • Community: How to grow as one community, how to serve the youths and how to serve refugee/immigrant communities.

Wilson works with organizations that want to live life to their fullest potential.




Wilson is one month away from obtaining his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Sioux Falls. In the education setting, Wilson has worked as a substitute teacher, education/leadership keynote speaker at a number of both local and national conferences.

Wilson has spoken at a number of colleges and universities. Whether it is leadership, prioritization or goalsetting, college students enjoy learning from Wilson because of his humor and addicting energy.


High Schools
Wilson’s transformational story began as a freshman in High School. Wilson shares how he struggled to have confidence in himself. He also shares how he struggled academically and emotionally to fit in.

Wilson was able to overcome obstacles life threw at him and went on to change his grades, image and eventually graduated high school and college. Wilson is now a month away from getting his MBA from the University of Sioux Falls.

Depending on which presentation you choose, Wilson guarantees to make your students learn through his life experiences and have fun.


Middle Schools
Middle school students not only can relate to Wilson’s story, they are able to see themselves in it.

In his main Theme, “Climbing Walls of Greatness: Living life to the full,” Wilson work with your students to:

  1. Overcome adversity
  2. Become self-motivated to achieve their goals
  3. Avoid negative influences and aim high in their lives.

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